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96 Deep Well Plate Manifold System

96 Well Plate Manifold System Includes: Manifold Top and Base, Vacuum Gauge & Waste Base, Waste Flask and All Necessary Tubing. Please note that Well plates are sold separately and not included with system.

  • Accommodate most standard 96 well plates.
  • Collect directly into microplate.
DescriptionPart Number
96 Well Plate Manifold SystemVMF96WP
24 Well Collection PlateVMF24CP
Base GasketVMFUVEG
Half Inch SpacerVMFUV05SP
24 Well Extraction PlateVMF24EP
One Inch SpacerVMFUV10SP
48 Well Extraction PlateVMF48EP
Manifold BaseVMFUVMB
Barbed Hose AdaptorVMFUVST
48 Well Collection PlateVMF48CP
Manifold TopVMFUVMT
Collection Plate RiserVMFUVR1