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Clean Screen

Analytical demand for more efficient, robust and clean extraction of drugs from biological matrices led to the development of CLEAN SCREEN® sorbents. Since 1986, CLEAN SCREEN® has led the industry with dependable and reproducible Solid Phase Extraction products and applications. CLEAN SCREEN® phases are true copolymeric sorbents that contain hydrophobic and ion exchange functional groups uniquely polymerized to a silica substrate.

The design and quality of CLEAN SCREEN® provides superior sample clean up, recovery and reproducibility. Mixed mode separations allow maximum selectivity for extraction of acids, neutrals and bases. This selectivity makes CLEAN SCREEN® ideal for both screening and confirmation analysis for virtually all drug categories. CLEAN SCREEN® columns are used extensively by forensic and clinical chemists including:

  • Post Mortem Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Urine Drug Testing
  • Athletic Drug Testing
  • Racing Laboratories
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • Medical Drug Screening

If performing extractions out of viscous matrices such as tissue or horse urine, turn to our XtrackT® section, where high-flow/gravity flow columns are found. The DAU CLEAN SCREEN® sorbent as well as other phases are available in this larger particle size.

Clean Screen® DAU is the flagship product of the forensic solid phase extraction column line. The first product of its kind in the industry, it is a mixed-mode column exhibiting both hydrophobic and cation exchange characteristics. Over 20 years of experience has shown this column to be effective on hundreds of drugs in both the acid-neutral and basic drug categories.
The Clean Screen® Xcel solid phase extraction columns are a line of sample prep phases designed to reduce the number of steps in the extraction, and therefore the amount of time and solvent necessary to complete the sample cleanup. Further advantages include reduced sample size and improved cleanliness and recovery. The Xcel I column will extract a wide array of basic drugs including benzodiazepines and opiates. The Xcel II column is designed solely for the extraction of the THC metabolite. See cleanscreenxcel.com for more info.
The FASt® column is a novel approach to improved sample preparation for LC/MS analysis. The column employs a one step process to prepare urine samples for analysis of multiple drugs and metabolites. By quickly and efficiently reducing the amount of unwanted matrix (through sorbent adsorption) and particulates (filtering through special frits) in the final sample, the analysis can proceed with less chance of matrix suppression and LC column clogging.

columns are available exclusively from UCT for analysis by GC/MS & LC/MS. This 3mL column contains a proprietary carbon packing material for the extraction and concentration of ethyl glucuronide.

columns are available for benzodiazepine extractions, with specific focus on 7-amino benzodiazepines.

Reduced Solvent Volume extraction columns are micro bed packed columns which offer the advantages of disc technology yet maintain the proven track record of our conventional SPE columns. Reduced Solvent Volume columns use 75% less solvent than traditional packed columns. Less solvent means faster extractions, higher throughput and less waste disposal, which translates into significant savings in both time and money. Results demonstrate that therapeutic and abused drugs in urine and blood matrices can be extracted with cleanliness, high recoveries and consistent reproducibility by using the Reduced Solvent Volume extraction column.

Advantages of CLEAN SCREEN® RSV:

  • 75% Reduction in total liquid volumes
  • Lower cost per extraction
  • Faster extraction times
  • Less disposal cost
  • Increased automated throughput
  • 50% Reduction in eluate volume
  • Faster dry down times
  • Reduced exposure to organic solvents
  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Less flow restriction from matrix proteins or particulates
  • More reliable for automated processing
  • High capacity
  • Greater linear range

Clean Screen® THC is a mixed-mode column, consisting of hydrophobic and anion exchange functionalities. It was the 2nd product in the flagship line and has performed consistently over the last 20 years. UCT’s method allows for the extraction of both the parent drug and its metabolites.

Clean Screen® GHB is a patented mixed-mode column designed for the filtration extraction of ethylene glycol, butan diol, gamma hydroxy butyrate and butyrolactone.