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Clean Screen Xcel II

Designed to reduce the number of steps in an extraction, Clean Screen Xcel reduces sample prep time and minimises the quantity of solvent required.

Additional advantages include reduced sample size and improved cleanliness and recovery.

CLEAN SCREEN XCEL« II: Designed solely for the extraction of the THC metabolite.


  • Sorbent conditioning step is eliminated
  • Decreased extraction steps
  • Reduced sample size
  • Increased recovery values
  • Increased sensitivity

Chemical Phase = Proprietary
Organic Loading = 16.7%
Average Pore Size = 60 ┼
Surface Area = 500 m2/g
Pore Volume = 0.77 cm3/g

CSXCE2103Clean-Screen« Xcel II - 130mg / 3mL column (PK/50)
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Part No. CSXCE2103
List Price £191.00

CSXCE2106Clean-Screen« Xcel II - 130mg / 6mL column (PK/50)
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Part No. CSXCE2106
List Price £194.00

CSXCE2106-DClean Screen XCEL II 130mg/6mL Bulk Package (PK/500)
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Part No. CSXCE2106-D
List Price £1,069.00

CSXCE211Clean-Screen« Xcel II - 130mg / 1mL column (PK/100)
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Part No. CSXCE211
List Price £262.00

CSXCE21ZClean Screen XCEL II 130mg/10mL (PK/50)
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Part No. CSXCE21Z
List Price £171.00

WSH96XCE21196 Well Plate Clean Screen XCEL II 130mg (PK/1)
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Part No. WSH96XCE211
List Price £309.00

ZSXCE2010Clean-Screen« Xcel II - 130mg / 10mL column (PK/50)
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Part No. ZSXCE2010
List Price £197.00