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ENVIRO-CLEAN® solid phase extraction cartridges are designed especially for the isolation and separation of environmental analytes such as pesticides, herbicides, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls and other environmentally related compounds.

ENVIRO-CLEAN® offers a selection of high quality solid phase extraction cartridges geared to support the environmental chemist with a very broad range of analytical applications. The most important function of the solid phase extraction cartridge for the environmental chemist is the clean separation of an analyte from a variety of compounds. An important function of the extraction cartridge is that it will concentrate a low level of analyte from large samples for accurate analysis. When evaluating analyte extraction or separation, ENVIRO-CLEAN® offers nonpolar, polar, ion-exchange and copolymeric phases for application in the environmental laboratory.

Non-polar phases are often referred to as hydrophobic and function by the interactions of the carbon-hydrogen bond of the analyte and the sorbent. C18 is the most widely used of these phases. EPA approved methods for analyzing organics in drinking water specify the C18 hydrophobic phase.

This method requires that large sample volumes (liters) be analyzed which utilizes the compound concentration function of the hydrophobic sorbent. Polar or hydrophilic phases function by hydrogen bonding, pi-pi, and dipole-dipole interaction. Ion-exchange interactions occur between the sorbent and the analyte of opposite charge. ENVIRO-CLEAN® sorbents are available in either cation or anion exchangers exhibiting both weak and strong characteristics.

Copolymeric phases offer a new approach to the environmental analyst by providing very clean extracts and high compound recovery. Dual functionalities, hydrophobic plus ionexchange or polar allow a higher degree of selectivity than was previously possible. Analytes retained by multiple mechanisms can be washed by disrupting only one mechanism. Careful selection of the solvent strength results in a greater removal of chromatographic contamination.

Enviro-Clean® Universal Cartridges are designed to handle large volume "real world" aqueous samples without the "real world" hassle. Easy to use, resist plugging, fits automated and manual manifolds.
UCT EC Cartridges specifically designed for environmental applications.
Our Enviro-Clean SPE Cartridges are available with many of our sorbents in any configuration you require.
Extremely clean and no phthalates.  For use when plastic cartridges are not an option.