Simple and Accurate Fractionation for EPH Testing with New Silver Functionalized Enviro-Clean Fusion Ag+ | Chromatography Direct
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Enviro-Clean Fusion Ag

Accurate and straightforward Fractionation for EPH Testing with New Silver Functionalized Enviro-Clean FusionฎAg+

This novel sorbent is designed to help overcome the challenges associated with traditional silica gel fractionation. Featuring silver ions anchored onto a solid support, this chemistry provides enhanced selectivity, capacity and overall performance.

  • Unique sorbent – silver ions functionalized onto a solid support.
  • Highly Selective – aromatic hydrocarbons form a charge-transfer complex with the silver ions.
  • No Breakthrough – of aromatic fraction into the aliphatic fraction, including the more polar naphthalene and 2-methylnaphthalene.
  • Complete Separation – of aliphatic and aromatic fractions.
  • High capacity – excellent capacity for the aromatic hydrocarbons. Much higher capacity relative to heat-treated silica gel (25 mg/g).
  • Excellent Lot-To-Lot Reproducibility – excellent reproducibility across different batches of sorbent.
  • Simplified Procedure – optimized protocol is easier, faster, and uses less solvent than silica cartridges. In addition, there is no need to optimize the elution solvent for each batch of cartridges.
  • Improved Stability – sorbent is not deactivated by moisture.
  • Excellent Analytical Performance – recoveries primarily in the 80 to 110% range with relative standard deviation (RSD) less than 10%.
  • More Environmentally Friendly – the use of acetone instead of dichloromethane as the elution solvent for the aromatic fraction is more environmentally friendly. Uses less solvent overall compared to the fractionation procedure with heat treated silica.
  • Three Formats Available – 500mg, 1g or 2g for higher capacity.
  • Amenable to Automation – improves day-to-day reproducibility and increased sample throughput.