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Eureka Lyophilized Calibrators and Controls in Human Matrix

Eureka offers a complete range of Lyophilized Calibrators and Controls in matrices (urine, plasma, serum, whole blood) designed for the calibra­tion of the analytical system, in addition to their range of Ready-To-Use Diagnostic Kits.

Eureka Lyophilized Controls in a matrix are available in two levels of concentration**, which are essential for monitoring and evaluating the fit of the calibration curve and the analytical session.

IVD and CE endorsed - in conformity with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. They are validated following the guidelines given by the Guidance for Industry-Bioanalytical Method Validation of the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) and other officially recognized offices.

Stability - is been tested and checked by Eureka Lab Division, therefore the laboratory does not have to periodically verify it.*

(Excluding kits for the confirmation of substance abuse in urine with LC-MS/MS** )

Concentration Value of the Lyophilized Calibrators
This is set on the normality range and/or therapeutic and/or cut-off of the analyte.

Concentration Value of the Lyophilized Controls
This is always below and above the normality/therapeutic range and cut-off of the analyte.

ALL the lyophilized calibrators and controls are ready to use following the rehydration (according to given instructions).

  • No long and delicate phase of enrichment of the matrixes.
  • Reducing the time necessary for the analytical procedure.
  • Eliminating the potential errors linked with the enrichment phase.