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Modus GC Capillary Columns

Chromatography Direct offer a complete range of Modus GC Capillary Columns that are designed and manufactured to exceed expectations of modern-day laboratories at the best possible prices.

All columns are produced under a ISO 9001:9002 quality standard. Each product passes through our 4 Step manufacturing process.

Step 1 - Hydrothermal
Step 2 - Deactivation
Step 3 - Wetting, Bonding and Crosslinking
Step 4 - Quality Assurance

By selecting only, the highest grade of fused silica tubing our first stage of production results in an extremely low I.D. tolerance featuring a polyimide outer coating to withstand high temperature without detriment to flexibility.

Our deactivation process is customised for each stationary phase to make sure that tubing surface meets the highest standards of chemical inertness and surface tension before introducing specific functional groups to the tubing wall essential for binding of stationary phase.

Next only the purest polymers are selected and then fractionated to eliminate the low molecular weight component and trace catalyst to ensure efficiency, reducibility, stability and minimal bleeding.

Finally, our Quality Control each column is individually tested, and full test data provided.