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Refine Ultra Filtration

UCT's Refine™ 96 Well Ultra-Filtration Plates allow for sample precipitation and filtration to occur simultaneously in the same plate providing a fast, and easy-to-follow protocol in under 15 minutes. The novel, hydrophobically treated, dual frit combo mitigates any leakage of the sample/organic solvent through the plate before the application of vacuum. This ensures adequate filtering rather than pelleting precipitated proteins not only extending the lifetime of an analytical column, but also eliminating any sample transfer steps.
  • Can be used with a wide range of biological sample types, such as plasma and urine.
  • Accommodates in-well urinary enzyme hydrolysis and can withstand high incubation temperatures.
  • Provides additional clean-up and filtration for cannabis analysis.
  • Processes 96 samples in less than 20 minutes.
  • Long-drip tips reduce sample errors and risk of inter-well contamination and cross-talk.
  • Works on all current manual or automated processing instrumentation.

Your Solution for Maximizing Protein Precipitation, Filtration, & Direct In-well Urinary Enzyme Hydrolysis.

RFNUCT96Refine Ultra-Filtration 96 Well Plate (EA/1)
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Part No. RFNUCT96
List Price £117.00