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SPeVAP Solvent Evaporator

SPeVAP® 32/48 position solvent evaporator is the latest addition to UCT’s manifold range.

Small Footprint - Designed to be more efficient and take up less space than a traditional evaporator.

Reduced height profile - Ideal for limited laboratory space.

Directional Exhaust Hose - SPeVAP® has an exhaust port and hose which can so it does not require fume hood space to operate.

Ergonomic Design - The innovative design and simple touchscreen capabilities allow for easier use and expanded functionality.

Pre-Programmable Methods - Up to 10 methods can be pre-set to save time and to ensure consistency.

Easy Access Drainage Port - Simplifies maintenance proceedures.

On-Spot Nozzle Adjustment - Adjusters allow lateral movement of the nozzle bars during testing for optimal evaporation positioning.
Part NumberDescription
VMFSPEVAP-32SPeVAP 32 Position Evaporator
VMFSPEVAP-48SPeVAP 48 Position Evaporator
Part NumberDescriptionPositionAllowed LengthVial Diameter RangeCompatible Vials
VMFSPEVAPCR325127-29mm VOA Vial32 PositionUp to 150mm27-29mm40ml VOA / 60ml VOA
VMFSPEVAPCR484912-14mm Vial48 PositionUp to 150mm12-14mm13mm x 100-125ml
VMFSPEVAPCR485016-18mm Vial48 PositionUp to 150mm16-18mm16mm x 100-125ml
VMFSPEVAPCR485110.42-12.92mm AS Vial48 PositionUp to 150mm15-18mm1.5-2ml Autosampler