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UCT Selectra SIL Derivatizing Reagents

SELECTRA-SIL® is an extensive line of derivatizing reagents manufactured by UCT at its facility in Bristol, PA. Our reagents are designed to increase molecular weight, lower boiling points, and create a more specific ion for compounds intended for gas chromatography and GC/MS.

Benefits of Derivatization:

  • Improved chromatographic resolution - increased volatility - reduced intermolecular hydrogen bonding - separation of structurally similar compounds.
  • Improved mass spectral characteristics - higher mass fragments - greater signal to noise ratio - more unique masses- increased abundance/sensitivity of molecular ions.
  • Improved thermal stability of some compounds - reduced thermal degradation - higher temperature to speed analysis.
  • Increased instrument and lab productivity - fewer reinjections or repeats due to peak tailing - high confidence in analyte identification and quantitation - easy to perform - inert by-products of derivatization will not degrade capillary column performance.