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VacIT Vacuum Aspiration System

The NEW VacIT Vacuum Trap System from Chromatography Direct is the safest vacuum system available today.

Laboratory users should always place an appropriate trap between the apparatus and the vacuum source. This trap protects the pump and house vacuum lines from fluids / micro-organisms as well as preventing vapours and odours being released back into the laboratory. Fluid entry into the vacuum pump can results in a very expensive repair while any bacteria getting into the system could lead to contamination issues and safety risk.

Improper trapping can allow vapour to be emitted from the exhaust of the vacuum system. Traditional methods of using glass flasks, rubber stoppers and tubing are expensive, unstable and breakable which lead Chromatography Direct to develop VacIT as the safe, stable and cost-effective alternative.

The VacIT system is delivered “ready-to-use” simply attach to your vacuum and begin your work. Full systems combine shatterproof bottles (available in autoclavable PP or chemically resistant HDPE) with a small footprint secondary containment unit (which will maintain stability even when tilted up to 35ş) and a 0.2µm PTFE inline vent filter to retain any aerosolized bacteria. Each system is connected via chemically resistant TPE tubing featuring a “pinch” clamp for quick shutoff and a TrapCap which prevents tubes tangling when disconnecting as the lines stay connected to the cap. Systems can also be extended to include additional overflow containers, secondary containment and up to 8ft line extensions.

  • Ready to use straight from the box
  • Shatterproof bottles available in autoclavable PP or chemically resistant HDPE
  • PTFE Inline vent filter
  • Pinch clamp for quick shutoff and vacuum adjustment
  • TrapCap eliminates tube tangle
  • Chemically resistant TPE tubing
  • 2L, 2L + 1L overflow or 4L options

Protect your Vacuum lines, Pump and Users

Stable at 35˚ even
with full bottles
Overflow bottle as
standard in full systems
TrapCap “free-spinning”
collar eliminates tangling
Containment tube
holder for when the
system is not in use.