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Advantages of XtrackT®

  • Resists plugging
  • Improved flow of all sample types
  • Gravity flow of most samples
  • Broad spectrum extractions
  • Very clean extractions
  • High recoveries
  • Reproducibility

Viscous sample matrices are frequently resistant to flow through standard solid phase columns. Increased particle size enhances flow characteristics allowing ease of sample application and analysis. XtrackT® columns are designed to give uniform flow for even the most viscous samples including equine urine, post mortem blood and tissues, meconium, amniotic fluid, milk, etc.

XtrackT® also functions as a gravity flow column for most blood and urine samples. A single column provides extraction for a broad spectrum of compounds with selective elution of acid neutrals, steroids and bases XtrackT® yields very clean extractions and excellent recoveries without need for additional liquid clean up steps. XtrackT® is available in hydrophobic, hydrophilic, ion exchange, and copolymeric phases, including the CLEAN SCREEN® DAU sorbent. XtrackT® is recommended for any chemist challenged by viscous sample matrices, or those desiring gravity flow capacity.

Upon request, we can also provide any of our CLEAN-UP® sorbents in this large particle size.