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Modus Speciality Columns

Modus Speciality Columns
Chromatography Direct Modus Speciality HPLC columns are a range of high-quality products for Amino Acid, Carbohydrate, Organic Acid and Ion Analysis.

  • High efficiency
  • Reproducibility lot-to-lot and column-to-column
  • Stable



Modus AA Amino Acid Analysis Columns

Modus AA columns come in the Polymeric Lithium form which offers the highest degree of selectivity needed for these often complicated physiological assays.Modus AA columns have the highest efficiencie...Discover More

Modus CarboXL Columns for Carbohydrate Analysis

Modus CarboXL Polymeric columns come in the Calcium, Lead, Sodium and Potassium forms.Target analytes are Mono-Di and tri-saccharides, sugar alcohols, brine, oligosaccharides, syrups and molasses - pl...Discover More

Modus OA for Organic Acid Analysis

Modus OA are Polymeric columns that come in the Hydrogen form. Target Analytes are organic acids, aromatic acids, alcohols/aldehydes, sugars in wines and beverages plus biofuels.A vast array of column...Discover More

Modus IC Ion Chromatography Columns

Anion versionModus IC columns are the perfect Polymeric column for a number of applications such as:Drinking water including EPA methodsFluoride analysis Small organic acidsOxyhalidesAnions in So...Discover More