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Solid Phase Extraction Products

Solid Phase Extraction ProductsUCT is a respected leader in the drug testing, pharmaceutical, clinical, environmental and agricultural industries. Their wide range of highly reproducible solid phase extraction columns allow the chromatographer a consistent extraction technique, and their expertise in Silane manufacturing allows a greater control of the chemical processes involved in producing our high quality bonded phase. They manufacture their complete product line of bonded phases and bonded silica sorbents, packaged in a variety of formats, including SPE columns, 96 & 48 well plates, universal cartridges and micro centrifuge tubes. They also offer a variety of SPE accessories including derivatizing reagents, GC liners, and manifolds.


QuEChERS (pronounced Catchers), an acronym for Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe, is a sample extraction and clean-up technique widely used for the analysis of multiple residues in hydrat...Discover More

Clean Screen

Analytical demand for more efficient, robust and clean extraction of drugs from biological matrices led to the development of CLEAN SCREEN® sorbents. Since 1986, CLEAN SCREEN® has led the industry wit...Discover More


HIGH-FLOW BONDED PHASESAdvantages of XtrackT®Resists pluggingImproved flow of all sample typesGravity flow of most samplesBroad spectrum extractionsVery clean extractionsHigh recoveriesReproducibility...Discover More


HYDROPHOBIC EXTRACTION COLUMNSThis sorbent is composed of a silica backbone bonded with hydrocarbon chains. It is used to extract compounds which exhibit non-polar or neutral characteristics out of co...Discover More

Styre Screen

POLYMERIC RESIN EXTRACTION COLUMNSStyre Screen® extraction columns contain an ultra clean, highly cross-linked styrene and divinylbenzene copolymer sorbent that is functionalized with both a reverse p...Discover More


ENVIRO-CLEAN® SORBENTSENVIRO-CLEAN® solid phase extraction cartridges are designed especially for the isolation and separation of environmental analytes such as pesticides, herbicides, polyaromatic hy...Discover More

Select pH Buffer Pouches

To help simplify the process of sample preparation, UCT has developed a line of ready-to-use phosphate and acetate buffer pouches. They are a convenient way to accurately preparing the necessary reage...Discover More

Universal Environmental SPE Cartridges from UCT

Enviro-Clean® Universal Cartridges are designed to handle large volume "real world" aqueous samples without the "real world" hassle. Easy to use, resist plugging, fits automated and manual manifolds.Discover More