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Did you know?

All our Modus underlying Silica is batch tested.

Fully Validated Modus Columns

A main consideration in selecting your HPLC column is the reproducibility and robustness of the stationary phase.

The certificate in our column box is for the actual Modus column that you have purchased.

To minimise any problems of non reproducible columns, our aim is to QC test EVERY single column that leaves our facility.

How how we achieved this?

By selected a QC test mixture that we consider as the most rigorous in the industry - containing basic analytes as well as neutral species. 

The Basic Analytes

Ethylaniline and Dimethylaniline allows us to probe for peak shape and to set a narrow window for tolerance. 

Neutral Compound

Napthalene allows us to ensure that efficiency specification of the column is optimised for the required particle size.

The Results:

- More robust column packing

- Assured peak shape


By probing the surface in this fashion and measuring (silanol activity) peak shape in this way, we can provide gains in:

-  Sample carry over

-  Increased Resolution 

-  Increased Sensitivity


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