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New GL45 Solvent Safety Caps for Upstream and Downstream

TrapIT LC Solvent Safety Caps

One simple Cap for safe HPLC upstream mobile phase and downstream solvent waste!

TrapIT-LC now for GL45 Bottles

Chromatography Direct has extended the range of TrapIT Solvent Safety Systems to include the new TrapIT-LC single GL45 cap for safe upstream mobile phase to pump supply and downstream solvent waste, available with either 2 ports (for 1/16" or 1/8" OD tubing) plus Air Inlet Valve port or 6 ports (for 1/16" or 1/8" OD tubing) plus Air Inlet Valve port.

The TrapIT-LC’s manifold is manufactured from Class VI PTFE enclosed and sealed with a chemically resistant Viton O-Ring. Each cap features a natural Polypropylene free-spinning collar allowing for quick connection & disconnection preventing any tangling from solvent lines twisting. TrapIT-LC also includes an Air Inlet Valve for the upstream HPLC mobile phase, utilising an internal check valve to stop vapour from escaping back into the laboratory. When the pressure reaches a predefined PSI, the valve will open to allow optimum flow rate. A 25mm 0.2um Hydrophobic PTFE Filter* and a selection of fittings for both 1/16" and 1/8" tubing plus blanking plugs are also included as standard.

To use the TrapIT-LC for downstream solvent waste collection with recycled GL45 containers, simply add the TrapIT Carbon exhaust filter trap with the optional end of life indicator. Complete solvent waste collection systems including bottles are also available.

*Filters are recommended to be changed every 6 months to ensure maximum safety.

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