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Filter vial, Max Fill Vol. 450uL, with a 0.22µm PVDF (Hydrophilic) membrane and a 11mm Blue snap cap with white silicone/red ptfe septa

Part No. VIF-PV-022-100-H-01

Unit/Measure: PK/100

Quicker, easier sample filtering ready for HPLC/UHPLC analysis

Save time and reduce sample loss when removing particles from samples being prepared for HPLC/UHPLC with Chromatography Direct filter vials - now available with ULB (Ultra-Low Bleed) caps.

Compatible with any autosampler that can take standard 12mm x 32mm profile vials (needle height of the autosampler may need adjusting). Syringeless filter vials simplify workflow and reduce waste generated in the lab by replacing the disposable syringe filter, syringe, vial and cap with a  single product.

Replaces syringe, syringe filter, vial, and cap in a single straightforward solution.

Chemical Compatibility - Recommended for aqueous solvents

Key Properties - Low-Protein Binding

Key Applications - General biological filtration, Sterilizing Filtration, Clarifying Filtration of  Protein-containing Solutions, Mycoplasma Reduction, Gas Filtration & Venting

Membrane PVDF (Hydrophilic)
Volume 450uL
Pore Size 0.22um
Septa Silicone/PTFE
Pre-Slit No
Septa Colour White/Red


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