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Micro-Prep MMCX 96-Well Microelution Plate includes extraction plate and sealing film

Part No. W96-XTMC-MMCX

Unit/Measure: PK/1

Micro-PrepTM MMCX with mixed-mode cation exchange functionality extracts polar and non-polar analytes from aqueous samples.

Low Ion Exchange Capacity Retention of weakly basic and hydrophobic compounds.

The extraction procedure optimized for the MMCX microelution plate allows for enhanced removal of matrix interferences by utilizing ion exchange. This results in exceptional recoveries for target compounds.

The water wettable sorbent improves recoveries for polar analytes
and eliminates the need for conditioning and equilibration steps.
By utilizing smaller solvent volumes, overall processing time can be
reduced to just under 30 minutes (*up to 96 samples).

SA: 650-850 m2/g
Particle Size: 15-20 μm
Pore Diameter: 80-100 Å

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