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UCT Fusion Ag+ silver-phase EPH fractionation cartridges

Enviro-Clean Fusion®Ag+

New from UCT Simple and Accurate Fractionation for EPH Testing with New Silver Functionalized Enviro-Clean Fusion®Ag+

This novel sorbent is designed to help overcome the challenges associated with traditional silica gel fractionation. Featuring silver ions anchored onto a solid support, this chemistry provides enhanced selectivity, capacity and overall performance.

Product Highlights:

Unique Sorbent – silver ions functionalized onto a solid support.

Highly Selective – aromatic hydrocarbons form a charge-transfer complex with the silver ions.

No Breakthrough – of aromatic fraction into the aliphatic fraction, including the more polar naphthalene and 2-methylnaphthalene. Complete Separation – of aliphatic and aromatic fractions.

High Capacity – excellent capacity for the aromatic hydrocarbons. Much higher capacity is relative to heat-treated silica gel (25 mg/g).

Excellent Lot-To-Lot Reproducibility – excellent reproducibility across different batches of the sorbent.

Simplified Procedure – optimized protocol is easier, faster, and uses less solvent than silica cartridges. In addition, there is no need to optimize the elution solvent for each batch of cartridges.

Improved Stability – sorbent is not deactivated by moisture.

Excellent Analytical Performance – recoveries primarily in the 80 to 110% range with relative standard deviation (RSD) less than 10%.

More Environmentally Friendly – the use of acetone instead of dichloromethane as the elution solvent for the aromatic fraction is more environmentally friendly. Uses less solvent overall compared to the fractionation procedure with heat-treated silica.

Three Formats Available – 500mg, 1g or 2g for higher capacity.

Amenable to Automation – improves day-to-day reproducibility and increased sample throughput.

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