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Top 10 Clinical Kits, Standards and Controls (Ready to use)

Eureka developed the kits to simplify, improve, and standardise the clinical laboratories' analytical procedures by offering ready-to-use kits for HPLC, GC, GC-MS, LC-MS, and MS chromatographic techniques.

When compared to "Do-it-yourself" and "Homebrew" methods Eureka Kits offer

  • Ease of use - Standard and easy Preparation
  • A calibration curve is included with the kit
  • Only one column required for multiple analysis
  • Fast run time
  • Reliability
  • Reproducible and accurate results

Top 10 most popular kits

  1. Free VMA/5-HIAA/HVA in urine by Fluorimetry - FAST (50 µl) (Z14610)
  2. Free Metanephrines in Urine by Fluorimetry FAST (Extraction Method) (Z13210)
  3. Levetiracetam in Plasma by UV - FAST (Z84010)
  4. 1-Hydroxypyrene in Urine by Fluorimetry - FAST (Extractive Method) (Z38210)
  5. Citrates Kits (Citrates in urine by UV, Citrates in serum by UV, Citrates in serum & urine) Dual kit by UV (Z32410)
  6. Oxalate in urine by UV and/or by Fluorimetry - FAST (Z32610)
  7. Catecholamines DUAL KIT (Z10650)
  8. Immunosuppressants DUAL KIT in whole blood/plasma by LC/MS (Tacrolimus, Sirolimus, Everolimus, Cyclosporine A, Mycophenolic Acid) (LC75310)
  9. Homocysteine in plasma by fluorimetric detection (Z09610)
  10. Trans,trans-Muconic Acid (ttMA) in urine by UV - FAST (200 µl (Z23210

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